About Mobile Mart

Do I need to be a designer or developer to use Mobile Mart?
You don’t have to be a designer or developer at all. Since it is a simple function, it can be used without programing knowledge.You can also operate the store on your smartphone by using the app.
Is there a transaction fee for each product sold?
No, it doesn’t cost anything.
Can an individual store be opened?
Yes, you can.
It is available to individuals and corporations as long as you are 18 years of age or older.
How much is the service charge?
There are 4 plans, Start Up/ Basic / Premium / Elite, all of which are fixed rates. There are no sales fees.
Please see here for detailed plan contents and fee structure.
  1. Please tell me the flow of application.
  2. Please select a plan and fill out the web application form.After the payment procedure is completed, we will examine it. We will inform you of the examination result within 2 business days.
  3. After passing the examination, you can set up the shop from the specified URL and start selling.

About My Store

I made an application, but I haven’t received an email.
The registered email address may be incorrect, or the email sent by us may have been recognized as spam email. We will check the registration status, so please contact the support desk using the inquiry form.
I forgot my password.
If you have forgotten your password . Please enter the registered e-mail address, select the URL described in the e-mail sent from us, and change the password.
I want to change the registered information
You can change it from My Account on the dashboard.
How do I interact with the buyer?
Please contact the purchaser directly from the registered contact information of the purchaser.
I want to cancel my membership.
The contract can be terminated at any time.With a monthly plan, cancellation will be effective from the following month. If you use the annual plan, it will be canceled when the validity period ends.

About sales

How will I know if I have received an order from my customers?
Depending on your settings, you’ll receive an email, in-app notification, or text message notification every time you receive an order.
Is it possible to set the size and color (product type)?
It can be set from the SKU setting of product management.
What is your payment method?
There are cash payment methods at stores and cash on delivery payment methods.
Are there any prohibited items for sale?
The sale of the following products is prohibited.
*If it is confirmed that the items corresponding to the following items are sold, appropriate actions will be imposed.
  • Prohibited items such as but not limited to:
    ・stimulants, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, cannabis, opium, poisons and deleterious substances
    ・Products related to cannabis seeds, legal drugs
    ・Guns, swords, weapons, explosives, chemical weapons, etc.

About Mobile Mart

Is there a usage fee for the customer?
No, it doesn’t cost anything. Only the price of the product will be charged.
Mobile Who are the people opening stores on Mobile Mart?
People of various genres, such as fresh food sellers and miscellaneous goods sellers are opening stores. Mobile Mart has established its own examination criteria, and only exhibitors registered who have passed the examination.

About shopping

What kind of payment method do you have?
You can pay by cash or cash on delivery at the store.
Can you ask about the product?
You can contact the store directly from the contact information on each store page of the Mobile Mart website or app before or after purchasing the item.
I haven’t received the item, what do I do?
Cancellation/change of order is in accordance with the regulations of each store.
You can cancel or change your order from the Mobile Mart website or “Order history” in the app.

About account

I want to change my registration information
You can change your registration information from the Mobile Mart website or “User Settings” in the app.
I want to leave Mobile Mart
You can unsubscribe at any time. You can unsubscribe from the Mobile Mart website or “User Settings” in the app.

* Once you leave, Mobile Mart member registration information cannot be restored.