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Case Studies

Case 1.

Butcher/40s Woman

case 1

Customers are made to wait…

  • Preparing the product is idle time and other customers would also need to wait for their turn.
  • Limited parking slots limit customers at a given time.
  • It is annoying for them to wait for cashiers or check out inventory.

- After -

Supporting repeat customer acquisition

  • Able to accept orders in 24 hours and increase the number of order acceptance.
  • Able to deliver the products more efficiently without having the customers wait for long time at the store.
  • Customer can enjoy stress-free shopping.

Case 2.

Greengrocer/50s male

case 2

Sales drastically decreased due to the influence of the COVID-19…

  • Regular customers are prevented to come to the store because of the mandated lock down and fear of infection.
  • There is more risk of viral exposure for people who visit the store and touch the goods.

- After -

Online sales can prevent exposure from coronavirus and fresh and clean products are sold.

  • Able to provide customers with fresh and safe produce because the products are not handle by several people.
  • Since it is online selling, you can reduce the risk of infection.

Case 3.

Restaurant/30s female

case 3

Recognition of my shop is low…

  • Because of the COVID-19, not able to eat in the restaurant, and sales are sluggish.
  • It is hard to promote the restaurant because of reduced foot traffic.

- After -

Promote stores and increase online visits

  • Send Push Notification to advertise new menu, or suggestions daily menu to your followers. Customers can choose and order product from their smartphone and enjoy their favorite meal without going to the store.
  • Secure regular customers and increase online sales.

Why Sell on Mobile Mart?

No limit on customers or time

No limit on customers or operating time

Online sales area expands, and the target customers become bigger compared to physical store.
No more worries on business hours because customer can order anytime from their smartphone.
You can continue to sell without restriction even during Pandemic.

Operate a store with just a smartphone

Operate a store with just a smartphone

Easy to start to sell by setting the product details and posting the product photo.
Operate your store from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone or computer.
No need to pay costly overhead expenses such as store rent and utilities.

All-in-one eCommerce with Fintech Functions

All-in-one eCommerce with Fintech Functions

All store operations can be done by Mobile Mart.
From product registration to order management, sales, settlement, delivery, inventory management, product management, customer management, you can do everything you need with your smartphone.
Inventory quantity will be automatically updated when the customer purchase.
Avoid unnecessary mistakes streamline inventory work.
You can use your time for sales promotion and brand marketing work.

Simple Price

Simple Pricing

You can choose the most suitable option from the four (4) price plans depending on the nature and size of your business.
Regardless of your sales increase, it is a simple fee system that only charge a fixed fee every month.

Smart and Convenient Features

No need for specialized IT knowledge.
Easy to add useful features that you may need for creating a more efficient Mobile Store!

Delivery/Receipt DesignationDelivery/Receipt Designation
Category ManagementCategory Management
Store FollowersStore Followers
Product RegistrationProduct Registration
Customer ManagementCustomer Management
SNS SynchronizedSNS Synchronized
Push NotificationPush Notification

Easy as 1 2 3 to start selling via mobile today


step.1 Application
Choose from 5 plans and fill in the required fields on the form

Store Setup

step.2 Store Setup
After passing our evaluation, you can immediately start to set up the store and start selling.

Upload Products

step.3 Upload Products
Take snap shots, upload photos and register product information to start selling!

Manage your store just like SNS !
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